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                      包装生产?/a> packaging production line¬¬¬
                      可根据客户要求选配功能,可根据车间情况设计布局?br /> Provide various optional solution according to user'requirements,Layout can be 
                      designed according to user's workshop.t

                      外包装自动生产线由软?a href="http://www.teacherswire.com/bzj/" target="_blank">包装?/a>、自?a href="http://www.teacherswire.com/zhj/" target="_blank">装盒?/a>、在线称重、三维包装机、自动开箱机、自动装箱机、自动封箱机、自动喷码机、自动捆包机器组成(可自行选配)实现全自动联线生产,提高生产效率,降低劳动强度和人工成本,本生产线具有自动化程度高,运行平稳,安全性能可靠,能自动剔除废品等特点。是医药、食品、化妆品等生产行业的理想包装生产线?br /> The automatic loutside packaging production line is packed up machine from flow  packing(pillow packing),cartoning, over-wrapping,carton case flling,sealing,and strapping.The production line is integraded flow  packing machine, cartoning machine, weighting on the test device, overwrapping machine case erecting machine, automatic case fulling machine,case sealing machine, printer, strapping machine and so on. The line is adopted moudolar construction,user can choose suitable machines according to user's  production requirements.The line is in high effective,automatic sort, and reduce human cost.The  production line is suit to Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health care industries.