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                      MDZX型全自动双臂立式装箱?/a>MDZX type fully automatic two-arm vertical boxing machine

                      MDZX?a href="http://www.teacherswire.com/supply/10.html" target="_blank">全自动装箱机
                      采用伺服控制系统,配合国际先进流线型运动轨迹设计,保证定位准确,装箱移动无晃动?br /> 根据客户装箱排列需求,设备自动实现编组排列、衬板、装料、说明书同步完成。装箱前设备对纸箱上口进行打开定位,保证装箱顺利进行,无卡箱忧虑。使用范围广,可满足多种规格产品装箱。可根据用户要求非标定做?br />
                      The MDZX automatic packing machine adopts the servo control system, which is designed with the international advanced streamlined movement trajectory, to ensure the positioning accuracy, and the boxing moves without shaking.
                      According to the requirements of the packing arrangement of the customers, the equipment automatically realizes the arrangement of marshalling, lining, loading and specification. Before packing, the equipment should be opened and positioned on the top of the carton, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the box and no worry about the carton. Wide range of use, can meet a variety of specifications product packing. It can be done according to user's requirement.