How to upload class information and class outcomes via CSV file

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 2:40 AM

To create a CSV file:

1. Open Microsoft Excel.

2. All the class outcomes need to be entered in the first row. One outcome per column. 

3. Under the first row you can enter individual student information. For it to upload correctly to the app the information must be entered in the following order under each column:

a. Name of student

b. Date of birth

c. Parent email address

d. Home address

e. Phone number (contact 1)

f. Phone number (contact 2)

g. Other details


# If you don't have information to fill into any of the sections you need to enter the formula ="" (equal sign and 2x quotation marks) in the cell. This is a requirment of the CSV file.

4. There is no limit on the number of students per CSV file. However, each student needs to be on one row and the information needs to be spread over the 7 columns.

5. Save the file format as ‘Comma Separated Values’ (CSV) file. Name the file with your class name.

To upload the file to Teacher’s Wire:

1. Open Teacher’s Wire.

2. On the Class List page click on the CSV button. (top right hand corner of screen)

3. Enter the class name.

4. The file needs to be uploaded from a web address. If you have a Dropbox account, it’s very easy to upload your file. Log into your Dropbox account through Safari or another web browser. Select the CSV file that you want to upload. Then click on 'get link' by right clicking your mouse while hovering over the file. A new page will open. Put your cursor on the blue 'download' button and once again right click with your mouse. Select 'copy'. If you're getting the file on the iphone through safari please make sure that you access their desktop site. If your accessing Dropbox on your phone/ipad you will need to hold your finger on the blue 'download' button for a few seconds and then select 'copy'. Then paste the address into the Teacher's WIre app.

#If the 'get link' button doesn't appear in your Dropbox account it is because you need to change your settings in Dropbox by visiting this link and enabling 'shareable links'.

# Don't use the Dropbox app to get the link to the file. Dropbox shortens the URL when effects the upload of the file. You need the full URL link to the file.

6. Re-open Teacher’s Wire.

7. Hold you finger on the editable section where it asks you to enter the URL to your class CSV file.

8. When you take your finger off ‘paste’ should appear. Click on paste and you should see the URL address appear.

9. Click on done and your folder with you class name on it will appear. All the student details and outcomes will appear when you click on the class folder.

10. This information can be modified at anytime.

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